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Welcome at the special website of the austrian political artist & activist Matthias Laurenz Gräff

This page provides an overview of my political activities. On the one hand, it includes my political and socially critical paintings which are well used by international magacines, blogs and books, and as well as my non-partisan and private political platform "Dialog im Kamptal" (Dialogue in Kamptal) with well-known personaliteis from european and austrian politics and diplomacy, which I organize togehter with Georgia Kazantzidu in my art-studio "Atelier Gräff" in Gars am Kamp, Austria.

Josef Wiesinger, Douglas Hoyos-Trauttmansdorff, Christian Schuh, Wolfgang Petritsch, Werner Groiß, Georgia Kazantzidu, Wolfgang Petritsch, Walter Kogler-Strommer, Matthias Laurenz Gräff (© Rupert Kornell)


Dialogue in Kamptal

"Europa-Dialog im Kamptal" (European Dialogue in Kamptal), 2019 at Gräff's Art studio

Sebastian Prinz von Schoenaich-Carolath, Helmut Brandstätter, Erhard Busek, Georgia Kazantzidu, Willi Mernyi, Matthias Laurenz Gräff, Daniel Lohninger


Dialogue in Kamptal

"Unser Europa. Wer sind wir, woher kommen wir und wohin gehen wir?" (Our Europe. Who are we, where are we from and where are we going?), 2020  in Gräffs Art studio

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