Political activism

Europe Dialogue in Kamptal, 2019

"Europe Dialogue in Kamptal", may 6th 2019 


Meeting of several members of the Austrian political party's SPÖ, ÖVP, NEOS and Die GRÜNEN at Gräff's Studio.

This event included:

* Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch (former Top diplomat of the UNO and Austria, SPÖ)

* Mr Douglas Hoyos-Trauttmansdorff (member of the Austrian parliament, NEOS)

* Mr Georg Ecker (member of the Parliament of Lower Austria, Die GRÜNEN) 

* Mr Josef Wiesinger (member of the Federal Executive Board, SPÖ)

* Mr Werner Groiß (former member of the Austrian Parliament, ÖVP)

* Mr Christian Schuh (candidate for the European elections 2019, SPÖ)

* Mr Walter Kogler (district chairman of Horn, Die GRÜNEN)

Newspaper links

I https://www.meinbezirk.at/horn/c-lokales/europa-dialog-im-amptal-im-atelier-graeff_a3380733

II https://www.meinbezirk.at/horn/c-politik/europa-dialog-im-kamptal-eu-wahl-am-26052019_a3374811

III https://m.noen.at/horn/diskussion-in-zitternberg-graeff-atelier-empfaengt-zu-europa-dialog-im-kamptal-gars-am-kamp-europa-dialog-kamptal-matthias-laurenz-graeff-145554881


Inviatation by the Austrian political party NEOS, 2019

Invitation from Mr Stefan Egger, Federal Managing Director of the Austrian political party NEOS 

Themes where:

* Europe discussion at Gräffs studio

* A special art project between Gräff and NEOS, "United States of Europe"

Newspaper link